Internal UAW Appeals

A Practice Manual For Members

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The manual has received no collaboration, endorsement,
or assistance from the UAW, from any of its administrative
arms or subordinate bodies, or from the IEB, CAC, or PRB.


Partial Table Of Contents

Definitions and abbreviations
Internal law / external law
What Can Be Appealed

Appealability, mootness, parties, standing
Appointed reps, jointness
Bargaining, strikes, contract ratifications
Ethical practices codes, free speech
Exhaustion of remedies
Grievances generally
Grievances rationally
Grievances specifically
After-acquired evidence
Allocation of settlement
Area hire
"Capital offense"
Casino employers
Circumstantial evidence
Compromising a grievance
Contracting out
Criminal conduct
Denial of union representation
Disability, medical restrictions, fitness for duty
Disagreement within management
Discrimination, nepotism, disparate treatment
Drugs or alcohol
Failure to perform job, efficiency, safety, work rules
Fighting, threats, shoving, horseplay
Free speech at work
Grievance remedies
High-seniority members
Job assignment and duties
Jointness, grievability
Last-chance agreements
Lying to management
Management rights
Medical excuse
"Obey now, grieve later," insubordination
Past practices
Penalty, progressive discipline
Plant closings, work transfer, sale of company
Pornography at work
Probationary and at-will employees
Profit sharing
Public Employers
Quit versus discharge
Seniority, "dividing scarcity"
Sexual/racial harassment
Slander by company
Skilled Trades
Sleeping on the job
Technology, assignment of work
Timeliness of grievance-processing
Unauthorized strike or slowdown
Unemployment benefits
Union representation
Voluntary retirement
Wasting time, leaving work area
Working while on leave
Local elections
Eligibility and nominations
Election standards
Interim elections
Election committee
Election day
Local expenses
Local meetings
Local newspapers
Local officers, stewards, committeepersons
Locals unions, subordinate and other bodies
Membership, dues
Recall of stewards, committeepersons
Remedies, damages
Remedies, generally
Removal from office
Trial practice
Unbecoming conduct
Starting an appeal, timeliness
Processing an appeal at the local level
Processing an appeal at the IEB
The PRB or CAC?
Processing an appeal at the PRB
Processing an appeal at the CAC
Downloadable PRB Materials


Fine Print

This manual is for the use of members of the UAW in matters internal to it. It is not authorized by the UAW, IEB, CAC, or PRB. However in handling charges or appeals their members and staff are free to use it or quote from it with or without attribution.

People considering joining the UAW are also welcome to read it.

I do not advertise the manual and it carries no advertising.

I do not police the following. But I discourage visits, use, and quotations from the manual by anyone else, particularly (1) employers, their agents, and counsel, (2) employees represented by the UAW who have resigned or elected not to join, and (3) neutrals including arbitrators, umpires, mediators, academics, teachers including labor studies teachers, students, reporters, charities, courts, judges, and NLRB or DOL or other government officials.

If you are not with the UAW, IEB, CAC, or PRB and insist on reading it, using it, or quoting it, please inform your collaborators and readers of the source, recite this notice prominently, and explain that I have refused permission.

I ask that you not print out the whole manual or sections of it, except that printing one or two pages for use in a specific appeal is ok.

If you attribute a quote, note the date as I update the manual periodically, and a later visitor might find the passage changed.

A work of this scope by one person with no editor contains errors large and small. The CAC, IEB, or PRB may prove me wrong in some future decision. If you are researching a particular issue, please obtain copies of cited documents from the UAW and read them, to verify assertions I have made. Most PRB decisions since the beginning of 2004 are downloadable at the bottom of the manual.

If willing, please call errors, omissions, unclear phrasing, or updated information to my attention, and I will try to correct them.

If you contact me about this manual, I will ask you to identify yourself, your location, and your local union.

Any rights remaining after the above I reserve.


Being online, this manual is self-indexing.

If you have a particular keyword or case name in mind -- say the word "amalgamated" or a PRB case called the "Badura" case or PRB decision "1550" or your own last name -- you can find all mentions of it through the "search" or "edit" menu at the top of your browser.

I have also cross-referenced it. The table of contents is linked to the main text, throughout which there are also links to off- and on-site information.

-Ellis Boal
9330 Woods Road
Charlevoix, MI, 49720


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